Inky Tattoo Salve is a collaboration of love by Melbourne couple Rudie and Brooke Rashid.

Whilst on holiday in 2018 the crazy but wonderful idea came to them that there needed to be a handmade Tattoo Aftercare that was appealing to everyone, and not specifically targeted at just men. It needed to be pink, and it needed to WORK!! INKY took 6 months to create, test, readjust, improve and then hello world!

Rudie is a respected Tattoo Artist working in a busy street shop and he specialises in anything from traditional tattoos right through to black and grey realism. He enjoys making insanely hot Chilli Sauce, watching the Chicago Bulls, designing cool vector images and Gold Class date nights.

Brooke is a qualified Skin Therapist and professional Tattoo Collector. After running the successful Hello Skin blog and partnering in the artisan online shop 'The Natural Beauty Collective' Brooke knows all things skin, and tattoos She enjoys chai tea, tropical plants, breakfast dates and warm beaches. 

Brooke and Rudie have two young boys who enjoy drawing, rolling around on the floor and getting into mischief. Oh and two cats, who are also super naughty! Fun times!